3.14.20 Message from Pastor Phil

Important Message Regarding COVID-19

March 14, 2020

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Much has changed in our state since I communicated with you regarding the coronavirus crisis earlier this week. Yesterday our governor announced statewide school closures and prohibited gatherings of groups 250+ people in social settings. Though risk of infection continues to remain very low, this is an effort to slow the spread of the virus in our communities and state so that those who are at high risk can be safeguarded from being exposed and so that our healthcare support system will not become unnecessarily overwhelmed preventing it to serve the people who do now or may desperately need these services in the future. Even though our attendance at each worship service does not exceed the 250+, we believe that it is prudent for us to suspend all services and regularly scheduled church activities until further notice. 

In the meantime, we are working on a plan to guide us into alternative opportunities for continued growth and encouragement during this season of change. Tomorrow morning we pastors will be gathering to record a round table discussion about our current crisis and how we can best respond biblically, practically, and corporately. We hope to have a link to that video on our website and facebook page as soon as possible so that all can see it. Please watch your emails, the facebook page, and website closely as we will do our best to communicate with you of upcoming plans and opportunities. Don’t hesitate to call the church for further answers to questions and please share this information with others you know who may not receive it through these means and need to be made aware of these changes.

I believe that this is going to be a tremendous opportunity for us to grow as a church family. We will need to be generous in our hospitality to one another; thoughtful of those who may find themselves isolated, especially our older friends and family members. Please use your phones and check in on one another. Smaller gatherings are encouraged and will be helpful to care for each other. Pray! Pray! Pray as we seek to understand the Lord’s leading in all of this and the Spirit’s work all around us. This could be the kind of disruption that the American Church needs to reignite an awakening to our need for Jesus in some profound ways. 

Please pray for those who are directly affected by these decisions. Pray for those who are most susceptible to this virus, who now feel isolated and alone. Please pray for those in the medical support system as they will be taxed in many ways. Consider how we can best support our families and educators effected by the school closures. Please be patient in the midst of these changes and above all trust the Lord for He is good and His will is perfect and promises are true. 

Desiring God's Best,

Pastor Phil

On behalf of the Deacon Board and Pastoral Staff